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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the showroom when selecting tile?
Woodwork has a substantial influence on the color palette of any room.

Bringing a chunk or chip of your granite, marble, or man-made countertop will save time when selecting your tiles.

Although not required, these items are helpful, especially when detailed designs are involved. Inspiration - Fabric swatches, samples, magazines, paint chips, and other design ideas will help us guide you in finding the perfect tile.

We offer a wide variety of products for every price range, knowing your budget allows us to focus on the tiles that fit your allowance so you don't break the bank.
  • Cabinet Door or Drawer
  • Counter Top
  • Blueprints/Drawings/Photos
  • Budget

Do you install tile?
H.Winter and Company, Inc. does not install tile, however we would be happy to recommend local, quality tile contractors. You should consult with your installer prior to finalizing your tile selection. They will measure the space and determine quantities needed. We do provide installation materials and advice for contractors or individuals installing their own tile.

Can I return tile?
Full boxes of stocked tiles may be returned within 30 days. Non-stocked tiles or special orders may not be returned under any circumstances. All returns should be taken to the warehouse located on the opposite side of the building as the showroom entrance.

Do you offer materials, tools, or advice?
Builders, contractors, and do-it-yourself customers can find all the tools for the job at H.Winter and Co. Thinset, grout, hardibacker, and everything you need are kept in stock for your tiling needs. Not sure what you need? H.Winter can assist in calculating what materials you should use for the job and how much you will need.

Tile Maintenances

Routine Care and Cleaning
For daily cleaning, always use products that are pH neutral and specifically formulated for tile and stone. Daily cleaners such as TEC Everyday (for ceramic and porcelain) or Refresh Pro (for unglazed ceramic and natural stone) are pH balanced and contain no abrasives or acids but still have the strength to cut through grease and oil.

Some cleaners contain substances that can damage natural stone and tile surfaces. Products such as acidic solutions, ammonia, or bleach can damage surfaces, degrade sealers, and discolor grout. Abrasives can scratch the surface of your tile. Soft nylon brushes, rags, and sponges work great with tile and stone cleaners on most surfaces. You want to be sure to rinse well with water to remove any soapy residue.

Old tile and grout that has accumulated a buildup of dirt, soap, mineral deposits or stains can be cleaned with a restorer.

Cleaners with a neutral pH are best for everyday cleaning. However, tougher stains need tougher cleaners. Organic substances (food, grease, oil, mold, mildew, and soap scum…) are easily cleaned with alkaline cleaners, while acidic cleaners are best for inorganic substances (lime, hard water spots, rust…). TEC SuperClean works great on organic substance and TEC LikeNew will clean up inorganic substances. If you have a combination of stains or build ups you can try using TEC SuperClean followed by LikeNew.
When cleaning natural stone products make sure you use a cleaner that is safe on that particular material. With all materials and cleaners you should be sure to test a small area first before cleaning the entire surface.

Natural Stone and Unglazed Ceramic Tile Sealers
Natural stone and unglazed ceramic tiles, as well as grout, are porous materials and should be protected with a sealer. Sealing your tile will prevent stains from absorbing into the material. Sealing your stone and unglazed ceramic tiles will make cleaning easier both during the installation process and during routine cleaning. Some common natural stones that should be sealed are; travertine, marble, slate, granite, limestone, and onyx.

H.Winter recommends using a penetrating sealer. TEC Guard All is an ideal sealer for all natural stone (polished and unpolished), unglazed ceramic tiles, and grout. If you wish to enhance the color